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White on Blue      : Honor Our Fallen Volunteers who place flowers on the graves of our 26 Brothers killed in Vietnam.
White on Red       : Members who have made a donation of $100 or more.
White on Purple   : Purple Heart recipients.
Black on Yellow   : Members that have passed away after 2009.
White on Black     : Members who came over on the USS Pope. TOD includes Fort Hood and Vietnam tour.

Click this link to request contact info for any of our 589th Brothers listed here.

Attached Units have 14 Members
CO Last First Retired Rank Tour of Duty MOS State
513th/C Burns Gary    6-13-17 Nov69-Nov70 64B20 MO
513th Dekker Gregory "Dek" Nov69-Nov70 64B20 IL
513th Fox Charles Dec68-Feb70 62B20 DE
513th Gardner Billy May67-May68 64B20 MI
513th/A Hibbs Gerald Aug69-Mar70 63B20 FL
513th Jennings Robert SSG Apr67-May71 64B20 TX
513th Pacenza Richard Feb70-Mar71 63B20 MS
513th/C Peacock Clifton Nov70-May71 62E20 TX
553rd Phillips Clyde "Phil" Oct67-Aug68 12B10 CA
513th Ralph Stanley Dec68-Dec69 63B20 CT
513th/H Sciara David May68-Oct70 71H20 NY
513th Stasiak Kenneth Mar70-Oct70 61334 IL
513th Stephens Max Nov68-Jun69 64B20 WA
513th/C Thalison James Dec70-Nov71 64B20 MI