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A Co. Bona fide Brothers Big Sky, Montana Mini Reunion 2017

Eight members of A Co who were all stationed together in Cu Lam Nam, Vietnam decided to have a "Guys Only" adventure trip! Fly fishing on the Madison River, horseback riding, Yellowstone tour, poker games, and consuming mass quantities of alcohol and food. Our raft trip on the Gallatin River got snowed out! I hate that!

Don Baux(Iceburg), Perry Blanchfield, Pat Delaney(Twilight), Chuck Fleming(Cali Boy), Billy Heflin(Pickles), Jim Rippeth, Bob Spencer, and Jim Swick(Yoda).

Too bad we had to endure this squalid little cabin! Not much better than the "Hooches of Cu Lam Nam". Maybe next year we'll get a lot more to join us for some fun in...


You don't need a formal reunion to reunite!
Contact some Brothers and plan a trip, visit, outing, picnic, etc.
Life is short!