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Dedicated Friends of the 589th Association

Beginning with the 589th Association’s first reunion, we have been blessed by the support of a number of individuals willing to organize, coordinate, support, and work behind the scenes to make our reunions a success.  Without the energy they bring, and enthusiasm they inject into our reunions, our shared time wouldn’t be nearly as productive.  As you attend a reunion and wonder to yourself why activities seem to be so organized, you can be assured it is because one or more of these Friends of the 589th Association has been hard at work, deserve recognition for what they do, and have done, to make our reunions a success.   The following is a short list of a long line of individuals worthy of being recognized as a “Dedicated Friend of the 589th Association".
Dedicated Friends of the 589th
Lynda Blanchfield
Connection  to the 589th: Wife of Perry Blanchfield  A Co
 Nominated by: Bob Spencer
Lynda's Contributions 
Lynda’s support for the Association began even before there was an official 589th organization.  Lynda worked in support of Perry’s efforts to locate 589th veterans and compile their contact information. When a decision was made to organize our first reunion, Lynda was there to help make it possible.  Our first reunion was without precedent and everything we did was done for the first time.  However, as she would do for many reunions to follow, Lynda took the bull by the horns and helped organize other volunteers to accomplish whatever needed to be done.  Her exemplary service to the 589th didn’t end after the first reunion, but has continued for many years, proving to everyone that she is indeed a Dedicated Friend of the 589th.  
Fritz Ryan
Connection  to the 589th: Wife of John Ryan  D Co
 Nominated by: Bob Spencer
Fritz's Contributions 
When I think of someone who exemplifies a Dedicated Friend of the 589th, Fritz Ryan is the first person that comes to mind.  Fritz’s contributions have been made over many years and are far too many to delineate here. Whether it has been at Battalion Reunions or one of the Mini Reunions held in various communities, Fritz has been there, ready to help wherever she was needed.  Not only has she been the mainstay of our Auctions and Raffles, encouraging donated items and collecting the proceeds, in addition Fritz stays busy handling PX items and registering participants. Fritz, there is no doubt you have earned the title Dedicated Friend of the 589th.      
Brenda Joyner
Connection  to the 589th: Wife of Randy Joyner  A Co
 Nominated by: Perry Blanchfield
Brenda's Contributions 
Brenda has been a dedicated supporter of the 589th Association for many years.  She has always made herself available at reunions to help and organize all the tasks that take place behind the scenes.  Brenda has been involved in all reunion activities, from working at the registration desk, to organizing raffles and auctions, to preparing meals.  Brenda’s efforts have improved our reunions by relieving members from numerous tasks so that they could focus on reuniting with other 589th Brothers, showing everyone she is indeed a Dedicated Friend of the 589th.   
Linda Hunt
Connection  to the 589th: Wife of John Hunt  A Co (deceased)
 Nominated by: Perry Blanchfield 
Linda's Contributions 
Linda has not attended a reunion since John’s death, but for several years prior to that she was dedicated to making each and every reunion better than the one prior.  Linda didn’t wait to be asked to help with activities, she showed the initiative to jump in and help wherever she was needed.  Like many others, Linda was involved in nearly every aspect of the reunions, especially auctions and raffles.  Being outgoing and social, Linda had a knack for bringing everyone together, both members and spouses, to help create a pleasant reunion environment. Linda has shown that she will always be a Dedicated Friend of the 589th.