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Honor Our Fallen Volunteers

The goal of Honor Our Fallen has struck a chord with the members of the 589th Engineer Battalion Association – Vietnam.  In addition to locating men who served with the 589th in Vietnam and providing them an opportunity to reunite with the brothers they served with, the purpose of the Association is to commemorate the memory of 589th Engineer Battalion soldiers who gave their lives in the service of our country.

It is with pride and respect for the sacrifices made that the following members of the Association dedicate a portion of their Memorial Day weekend to visit the gravesite of each of the 26 soldiers the 589th Engineers lost in Vietnam.  Not only do these volunteers give of their time, but they also donate their expenses.  As part of the program, attempts are made to coordinate the gravesite visits with relatives of our lost brothers to further the notion that these men and the sacrifice they made will never be forgotten. While at the gravesite, a short message is offered, a prayer is given, and a bouquet of flowers is placed on the grave.   

While time has taken a toll on the number of volunteers, these men have made a pledge to find ways to continue to honor those who died for their country in Vietnam.  Let them never be forgotten.


    HOF Volunteer
  Fallen Brother Honored First Last Company State
1 SP4 Thompson Charles  Alexander HHC WA
2 SP4 Duty Charles  Begley B KY
3 SP5 Clifton Wayne  Bergeron C AR
4 PFC Ropeter, SP4 Hastings Luigi  Bersani A NY
5 PVT Red Hawk, 1LT Moe, SP5 Clifton Perry  Blanchfield A GA
6 1LT Moe Larry Bowler D UT
7 SP4 Thompson Stanley  Bradley C WA
8 SP5 Sherlin Doyle  Breeden D TN
9 SP4 Pena, SP4 Enmon Charlie  Brown A TX
10 SGT Gray Bill  Brumbaugh B VA
11 SP4 Delano Timothy  Cameron A ME
12 SP5 Clifton Randall  Carey C AR
13 SP4 Boggs William  Carter A MO
14 SSG Tyler Jim  Clower B SC
15 SP5 Sherlin,1LT Moe Richard  Comiso C TN
16 PFC Meeker Angelo Conforti A NJ
17 1LT Moe Denis  Cowand D CA
18 SP4 Hastings, SP5 Werner Robert  Coy B OH
19 SGT Gray Lawrence  Doff HHC VA
20 SP4 Thomas Dennis  Dunn HHC DE
21 PFC Meeker Edward  Faryna A NJ
22 PVT Red Hawk, 1LT Moe Mike  Gilbertson A SD
23 SP4 Sparks Ron  Goodwin A OH
24 SSG Tyler James  Gorry B SC
25 SP5 Werner Freddie  Guth C OH
26 SGT Gray David  Harbach D VA
27 SP4 Sparks Mark  Harbert D OH
28 PFC Ropeter Frank  Hawkes B NY
29 SGT Gray Don  Hazen HHC VA
30 SP4 Meehan Wayne  Heidtke C IL
31 SP5 Morris Jimmy  Hendrix A KS
32 SP4 Kingrey Sterling  Hester HHC IN
33 SP4 Sparks, SSG Tyler, SP5 Sherlin Terry  Holland D OH
34 SP5 Clifton Glen  Hollis A MO
35 SP4 Meehan John  Hunt A IN
36 SP4 Boggs Clyde  Hutson C MO
37 SP4 Thomas Dennis  Keefe C Co NJ
38 SP5 Werner James  Kelly A OH
39 SSG Clayborn Samuel  Lamey B AR
40 SP4 Meehan Tom  Leasure B IN
41 SP5 Sherlin Tommy  Mclain A TN
42 SP4 Pena, SP4 Enmon John  Miller D FL
43 SP4 Schmidt Thomas  Napierala A WI
44 PFC Ropeter Rickey  Negus D UT
45 SP4 Kingrey Pete Norman HHC TN
46 SP4 Pena, SP4 Enmon Kent  Opel HHC TX
47 SP4 Boggs Dennie  Pendergrass B FL
48 SP4 McNabb Jeff  Pestana A NH
49 SP4 Delano Richard  Radko A NY
50 PVT Red Hawk Robert Red Owl D SD
51 SP4 Goodman Bob  Reinsmith A MI
52 SP5 Morris John  Ryan D IL
53 PFC Snow SP4 Hastings David  Sciara 513th NY
54 SP4 Schmidt William Snedeker A PA
55 PFC Meeker Thomas  Southard B NJ
56 PVT Red Hawk Bob  Spencer A SD
57 SP5 Clifton Robert  Spencer B AR
58 SP4 Pena, SP4 Enmon Terry  Story C TX
59 SP4 Pena, SP4 Enmon Bob  Strangways A TX
60 SP4 Hastings James  Swick A PA
61 SP4 Duty Johnny  Tacket A KY
62 SP4 Delano Peter  Tamas B MA
63 SP4 Goodman James  Thalison 513th MI
64 SSG Tyler Bobby  Thomas B SC
65 SP4 Goodman Paul  Titmuss C MI
66 PFC Snow Hank  Ullman A NY
67 SP4 Schmidt Richard  Uselding A WI
68 SP4 Sparks Thomas  Venezia D PA
69 SSG Tyler Jimmie  Ward B SC
70 SSG Clayborn Marion Watkins A OK
71 SP4 Delano Bernie  Williams A VT